HOPE Projects

Hope Roots provides opportunities to give hope to those in need through donating or volunteering to holistic and sustainable development projects. 

Current Hope Projects are in Asia, mostly India - including seed funding for businesses that help women, educational programs, trauma therapy training, care for the mentally ill, and medical equipment for rural hospitals.

Hope Roots is full of vision for future projects - like more trauma therapy workshops, holistic health centers for villages, education for first generation learners, and sustainable agriculture programs - just to name a few.  One of our favorite ways to give hope is through scholarships and seed funding for small businesses.  Read more about that below... 

If you have a desire to help give hope in India please donate - and also tell us how you would give hope in India!  Hope Roots is a registered 501(c)3 and all US donations are tax-deductible.

So many ways to GIVE HOPE...

Hope Roots is constantly researching, visiting, and searching out relevant new projects.  Do you have a project that you believe should be considered as a Hope Project?  You can click the form below to apply! 

Scholarships and Seed Funding

Do you have vision for a project or a business that would give hope? Hope Roots can help with seed funding, education, or even marketing.  Hope Roots LOVES to give scholarships to entrepreneurs who will create businesses that transform communities.  Click here to read more about the #GiveFreedom projects helping to fight human trafficking. 

Hope Roots has given scholarships to small business start-ups which fight trafficking and empower women.  Is your project next?  Apply using the form below!