Hope Roots provides in-depth retreats designed for personal transformation and immersive learning.  Locations and dates vary.  We can also customize a retreat for your group. 

Deepen your roots with skilled instructors and experienced yogis.


Introduction to Indian Spirituality

This is an ideal 7-10 day retreat for those who want to explore the systems and traditions of Indian philosophy and spirituality. This retreat is recommended for all yoga teachers, aspirants and practitioners. This retreat will lay a very solid foundation for deepening one’s understanding of the traditional background of Indian philosophical system and spirituality.

Lecture Topics
Indian Philosophical Systems, Intro to Yoga and Meditation, Understanding Hinduism and Hindu Worldview(s), Overview of Hindu Scriptures, Dharma & Ancient Epics.
Workshops & Activities
Satsang, Bhajan-Kirtan, Yoga, Meditation, Ashram lifestyle, Temple and ashram visits, and walking tours.


Yoga Immersion

A 10-day retreat is for anyone who has wanted to go deeper into their yoga journey from the philosophical roots to modern postural understanding.  Learn the fascinating history of this ancient practice and immerse yourself in a yogic lifestyle.

Lecture Topics
History of Yoga and Meditation, Indian Philosophical Systems, Yoga Philosophy and the Eight Limbs of Yoga (Expanded).
Workshops & Activities
Yoga, Meditation, Breathing Techniques, Ashram lifestyle, Ashram visits, and Historical walking tours.


Yoga and Contemplation

This 7-10 day retreat features both Eastern and Western spiritual traditions like yoga, contemplative prayer, lectio-divina, centering prayer, spiritual exercises, and other practices from ancient Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian traditions.  Learn how Eastern and Western practices intersect and diverge, and incorporate them into your own spiritual path.

Lecture Topics
Overview of Meditation from the East and the West, Yoga and Contemplative Practices, the Eight Limbs of Yoga (taught in-depth along with Biblical parallels).
Workshops & Activities
Yoga, Meditation, Lectio-Divina, Breath prayers, the Daily Examin, and more.